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CloudWorks is a real estate investment company exclusively operating in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Our mission goes beyond making money: we’re committed to putting space to its highest and best use. Many of our projects reach beyond office spaces and staff accommodation to promote urbanization and densification where it’s greatly needed. From housing a community of NGOs and small businesses, to building laneway houses, Cloudworks is always looking for the best way to use space and improve our community. 

Our core business works to provide an affordable entrypoint into the cost-prohibitive Yellowknife real estate market. We do this by offering Northern businesses and their staff turnkey, flexible rental spaces, made possible by adapting the latest industry innovations — co-working, co-living, laneway housing, modular construction and more — to the NWT context. In addition, we the founders — Rob Warburton and Sam Gamble — are active in the community sphere, penning articles, speaking on and advocating for ways to make Yellowknife a more accessible place to live. 

Our goal? Build value, and change the face of the North.



Rob originally found his way north through a thirst for adventure and a desire to explore the remote regions of Canada. As a professional expedition raft guide for the past thirteen years, he has had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the North, from coast to coast to coast.

By making Yellowknife home for the past 12 years he has developed a detailed understanding of the local real estate market. Working with all levels of government, various businesses and non-profit partners, he has found ways to take under-performing properties and implement better uses of these spaces in creative and interesting ways. In addition to investor relations, Rob manages CloudWorks leasing portfolio, construction and property management contractors to ensure CloudWorks buildings are working as hard as our members are.

Get in touch:
(867) 445-3497




Sam is in his element when formulating a new investment thesis Cloudworks could execute in the North. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Management Economics in Industry and Finance) and is a candidate for a Master’s degree in Real Estate Finance. In 2008, Sam ran in the federal election as the Green Party candidate for the Western Arctic riding, campaigning to include social and environmental effects in economic decisions.

Lately, Sam has begun to synthesize his experience into policy ideas to improve the Northern economy. While public discussion often centers on short-term, band-aid solutions, he advocates for a more sustainable approach, offering gradual — yet longer-lasting —  solutions to the NWT’s affordability problem.

Get in touch:
(343) 204-4777


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