Yellowknife Car Share Cooperative Ltd

Carsharing starting at $10/hour.   You get all the benefits of having a car, without all the hassles of owning one.  Our rates include gas, insurance and maintenance. Simply pick up a car and return it at the same location for your round trip.

Drive what you want, when you want.   Book a year in advance or on the fly with our simple booking process.  Receive a detailed invoice at the end of each month.

Owned by You.  The YK Car Share is a cooperative; that means the car share is owned by the membership (you). 

Become an Early Adopter.  We're just now beginning to open up membership to those who want to support the YK Car Share. 

Who is Eligible to Join?

There are three ways to get into a Yellowknife Car Share Co-op car

  1. Become a full co-op member. Memberships 'cost' $500.  The $500 is not a fee, but your share in the YK Car Share Cooperative.  When you leave the YK Car Share, your $500 will hopefully be paid back.   Memberships provides the YK Car Share with capital, which is  an important component of us being able to expand our fleet.

  2. Register as a YK Car Share Driver. Pay a monthly fee of $30 and receive $30 of driving credits per month.

  3. Become a CloudWorks member. CloudWorks members/tenants recieve access to YK Car Share Cars.