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About Rob


Rob Warburton

I originally found my way north through a thirst for adventure and a desire to explore the remote regions of Canada. As a professional expedition raft guide for the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the North from coast to coast. With this travel I have gained an appreciation for the amazing experiences and opportunities the North has to offer. From guiding a raft across the Arctic Circle to hiking in the glaciated regions of Baffin Island, I see only more places I need to explore after every experience.   

The moment my wife and I bought our first investment property here in Yellowknife I immediately felt that excitement and passion that I’d been missing for so long in my professional career. I had discovered the beauty of adventure capital! Now I see nothing but possibilities and opportunity in our community. Yellowknife is an excellent location for real estate investments that show great returns when viewed through a best-use lens. It’s not a deep mystery or all that complicated. Using thorough research and due diligence it is possible to find projects that are unique, ethical and profitable. You just need to look at it in a different way.

Having made Yellowknife my home base for the past seven years, I look forward to my next adventure of growing CloudWorks’ real estate portfolio with profitable and interesting projects.