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The Northern Economy and Its Role in High Rents

February 8, 2018

In an event hosted by Alternatives North, Sam speaks about the roots of Yellowknife's affordable housing issue.

Why Are Yellowknife's Rents So High?

February 8, 2018

Sam speaks with CBC's Loren McGinnis about affordable rents on the Trailbreaker.

Why Are Rents So High in Yellowknife?

February 7, 2018

Sam talks about the cost of living and rental rates in Yellowknife with Randy Henderson on CBC Northbeat.  Interview starts at 8:50.

NWT Association of Architects Event

Living Small: Tiny Homes in the Subarctic - December 1, 2016

Rob speaks to the NWTAA about financing tiny homes; the biggest barrier to tiny home growth in Yellowknife.

Real Estate Investor Meet-Up

May 24, 2016  5:45 - 6:45 @ Good Co.

Valuation Spreadsheet (v1.0)


the Yellowknife Housing Market

_EdgeYK - May 2016

Sam's three part series on the Yellowknife Housing Market.

Part 1 - Debunking the 'Canadian Housing Bubble'

Part 2 - The shifting buyer

Part 3 - The role of income


CloudWorks & Ecology North Partnership

_EdgeYK - February 2016

CloudWorks & Ecology North host workshop with Okanagan Car Share Co-Op founder Christian Brandt to determine viability of Yellowknife based car share.

NWT Economic Realities

_EdgeYK - January 2016

Sam's consolidated six part series that appeared in _EdgeYK on the NWT Economy and the cost of living.


Living Small, Thinking Big

_EdgeYk - December 2015 

Rob discusses the cost of living in the NWT and why it's best to concentrate on what you can control versus what you can't.

UpHere - May 2015.jpg

10 Outside-the-Box Businesses

UpHere Magazine - May 2015

Rob & Sam of CloudWorks (business #6) talk to UpHere Magazine about their outside-the-box business ideas, including small homes and redevelopment vs. development.

Downtown Tax Tweak

December 2014

CloudWorks takes a look at Yellowknife property taxes and how they encourage owners of land to under-develop and leave land vacant.

Flash Boys & the Case for Investing Locally

May 2014

Sam discusses reading Flash Boys by Michael Lewis and contemplates what it means for 'regular' investors.

Direct Benefits of LICs

September 2013

Rob takes on the issue of LICs being removed from Niven Phase 7.

Rethink Living

April 2013

Rob discusses the cost of "living" issue and what people can and can't do about it.

Open Letter to Northlands

March 2013

An open letter to the owners in Northlands about how to recoup some lost value.