About CloudWorks


CloudWorks is a hybrid social enterprise and real estate investment company exclusively operating in Yellowknife. The idea is to put space to its highest and best use, in a broader sense. Many of CloudWorks projects promote urbanization and densification through innovative approaches. From housing a community of NGOs and small businesses, to building a car-share cooperative and laneway houses, Cloudworks is always looking for the best way to use space and improve our community. The common element is that CloudWorks gives its partners opportunities to build value and change the face of the North.

The core business works to provide an affordable entry into the prohibitive Yellowknife housing market and turnkey, flexible rental space for Northern businesses. It is interested in adapting the latest innovations—co-working, co-living, laneway housing, modular construction and more—to the NWT context. CloudWorks has undertaken $10.7 million-worth of real estate projects to date.